Treating your horse like the athlete he is.

No matter in which discipline you are involved, we can all agree that the strength, power and grace of a horse is impressive. They are true athletes and to achieve their very best, an athlete must be supple, quick and able to use every ounce of his power at any given time.

All the major yards, whether competition, racing or show jumping, use massage, physiotherapy and osteopathy as a regular part of their training plans, but this does not mean that Equine Therapy has to be exclusive to the top competition yards.

Using her experience and knowledge of how the body heals and repairs along with techniques from many disciplines to create a personalised training plan, Lucinda can help you and your horse to achieve your optimal potential.

Lucinda has had success with a wide variety of problems including lameness, tendon rehabilitation, laminitis, torn muscles and in helping to reduce scar tissue after an abscess or injury.

Some client’s recommendations

“Concer has been looking really good since your visit - what I'd always put down to a sensitive gut issue may well have been muscular all along,” Gill McGovern.

“Thank you so much for all your help and support this year, particularly with Homer. You've taught me such a lot - I hadn't ever really "felt" a horse before I met you, and now I feel fairly confident checking my horses and finding knots in their muscles, and at least applying some gentle massage - you've helped Dan, Homer and Chantelle massively!” Andrea Jones

“Thanks for all your help and care you do a great job” Helen McMurrough