Case Studies

Belle - 20 yr tb mare with sweeny
Belle had a reaction to an injection and galloped into a walnut tree, this resulted in a major trauma to the left shoulder and surrounding nerves and muscles. Initally there was alot of odema which was treated with rest and cold water quite a few times a day. An xray was taken to see if there was a fracture to the shoulder joint, but fortunately there wasn't. We were not sure how bad the damage would be and only time would tell.

Belle was manipulated, then kept in a small paddock where she could move about Daily exercises were done to keep the range of movement and help reduce odema.

After a about a month we could see she was loosing the muscles which meant that unfortunately the nerves had been damaged. We used mircovet and electronic stimulation to help and if possible save the muscles and nerves.

During the first 6 weeks belle was sweating along her neck and on the inside of her right hind (the opposite leg to should injury) this was explained by the body naturally trying to compensate for the trauma and adjusting her body posture accordingly, which in turn caused more stress else where.

Belle was manipulated every month, she also had acupuncture which really helped.

The extent of the damage became clear with time, she has lost both supraspinatus and infraspinatus nerve which are stituated on the scapular the act as collateral stabillity to the shoulder joint and with out these 2 muscles, when belle walks, her shoulder joint falls away from her body. She is in no pain, she loves life and can still playfully gallop around her field, quite often beating the youngsters.

Belle requires treatment every 3 months. It is clear when she needs a treatment as she will start to sweat along her neck and inside hind, she also has problems breathing.

The treatment I give belle starts off with very gentle mobilization of her cervical vertebrea, massage of her gluteal muscles, finishing with manipulation of lower cervicals, withers and lumbars, each case is very different but we know this is what works for belle and during the treatment she will sweat profusely from the mentioned areas but once treatment has stopped so does sweating which doesn't return for a few months. Also her breathing greatly improves.