Manual therapy is a holistic treatment not just limited to prevention of back pain.

A true practitioner must have a complete understanding and through knowledge of the functions and interactions of each body system. It is not enough to just manipulate. By respecting the laws of nature and observing the individual from not one but many angles a holistic treatment plan can be put together. 

Trained at the European school of Animal Osteopathy and Equine Energy Lucinda uses a number of techniques in her role as manual therapist.
• Osteopathic Manipulation
• Tisular Techniques
• Visceral Techniques
• Cranial sacral Therapy
• Sports massage
• Myofacsial release 
• Stretching

Lucinda uses the four main principles of Osteopathy for horses and dogs; the body is a unit, structure governs function, the rule of artery is supreme, the body has the ability to combat disease. Using her hands to massage, manipulate and mobilise the muscles and joints to increase the range of movement, so their body can function properly and heal itself. It is a holistic, drug-free approach to restoring and maintaining good health.

Lucinda believes that anatomical structure and physiological function are interdependent. Pain and ‘dis-ease’ often stem from a dysfunction in the body structure/function, so structural integrity of the body is important to achieve and maintain the good health of your animal. She will detect and treat problems within the animal's body (including muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints).

Correcting these problems by massaging muscles, manipulating bones and mobilising joints. Restoring normal body mechanics and balancing nutritional and environmental factors, facilitates your animal's natural ability to heal itself. There is evidence based research that Animal Osteopathy has helped horses and dogs with: Back/head/neck/limb pain, Lameness, Behavioural problems, Compensatory Problems, Constipation, Incontenance, Decreased Performance, Disc hernia, Gait abnormalities, Head Shaking, Helping with chronic internal disorders, Arthritis, Joint pain, Musculoskeletal Pain & Stiffness, Muscle imbalance & weakness, Muscle/Tendon/Ligament/Nerve/Soft tissue Damage, Injuries Post birth, Post surgical care, Rehabilitation, Sensitivity, Sports Injuries and Trauma.